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LUNO’s modern interpreation of the classic record console is the creation of husband and wife team Dan Knowles and Jennifer Farmer.

As a founding member of English shoegaze band, Amusement Parks on Fire, and a sound engineer with two decades experience in studios and live venues, Dan has spent most of his adult life caring about music and how things sound.

Like Dan, Jennifer has an extensive music industry background doing A&R and Marketing. However, shortly after their wedding Jennifer discovered a love and affinity for furniture design (that spawned from a Goodwill refurbishing obsession) and in 2013 founded MVV, a high-end boutique furniture design and fabrication studio that has attracted top designers from all over the world. Jennifer's passions are music, design, and pizza/ice cream.

It was while decorating their home that both a problem and an opportunity arose. Taking the next logical step in their relationship, they made the decision to start a record collection together but didn't have a record player. Jennifer loved the look of vintage mid century record consoles but all the pieces they found were left wanting sonically. Many had fallen in to disrepair or simply hadn’t been designed with sound quality as a priority.

With their collective skills, the solution was staring them right in the face – another marriage of sorts. Jennifer designed the console with her own modern take on the classic Mid Century look while Dan carefully selected and hand-wired all the audio components. This blissful union gave birth to their flagship console, the EBG2 – a masterful piece that is easy on the eyes as it is on the ears.

And so, LUNO was born! Named after their beloved and very strange puppy, Emmylou Knowles (who, herself, was named after Emmylou Harris,) LUNO is a range of quality, handcrafted, luxury items mixing classic style with modern sound.

When they're not working on LUNO, Dan and Jennifer are writing and recording for their band, Ghostel, and probably drinking whiskey at their home in Los Angeles.

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