“Don't you wonder sometimes 'bout sound and vision?” - David Bowie

  • Got the EGB2 in for Xmas. Love it, it's a big ol beauty! And there's a real warmth to the sound. Thanks so much for the records! I have yet to give them a proper playing - Kurt awaits patiently. And the bourbon is ready for a night of mates and records... Good luck this year in your business.  
    Jim L.
    Brighton, UK
  • We ordered a stereo console after seeing an article online. The whole process was fun and stress free. The console arrived and was placed in our home half way across the country from LA with the best delivery team I've seen. We are so happy with our stereo which has brought back records that I never dreamed I'd hear again. Thank you LUNO!!
    Galen H
    Memphis, TN
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